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Choosing the Perfect Gift for your Staff 

Christmas is the perfect time of year to show your staff that you care. The problem is that it isn't always 
that easy to choose the perfect gift for someone - particularly someone that you don't really know 
outside of the working environment. 

Why Make the Effort 

Staff always appreciates some token that shows you acknowledge the hard work and effort that they 
have put in during the year. A Christmas bonus may not always be financially feasible but a gift shouldn't 
stretch the budget too much. 

It is a proven fact that, when staff feels that they are appreciated, they work much harder and are more 
productive. It therefore makes sense to express your appreciation to them. 

What to Give 

Therein lies the rub - what gift do you give that is going to make them feel as though they are being 
spoilt? To properly spoil someone, you need to give them something that they would like but would not 
normally buy for themselves. 

Flowers are nice and chocolates are always received with a welcome smile, but they don't really have a 
'wow' factor. 

For something really special that is guaranteed to have that 'wow' factor, Gourmet Hampers are perfect. 
They contain a selection of luxurious goodies, allowing everyone to choose their favourites and also 
enabling them to share with their families. 

These hampers are also beautifully presented and festive - perfect for drumming up some holiday cheer 
and showing that you care at the same time. You are also able to customise the hampers from a range 
of luxury, speciality ingredients and thus make each hamper a little more personal. 

You can choose a sweeter option or, for those whose tastes are more on the savoury side, a cheese and 
wine basket is the ideal answer. Mix and match to come up with the perfect gift basket for each of your 
staff members and watch them feel really spoilt and appreciated. 

The choices in baskets are so varied that you are bound to find something to suit even those who are 
the most difficult to buy for. 

There are baskets available in all shapes and sizes to suit everyone's pocket. Add a few select items if 
your budget is smaller or really blow the bank if it isn't. The beauty of gift baskets is that the choice 
really is all yours. 

So, if you need a great gift for someone, and you are not sure what to give, look for a gourmet gift 
basket - the gift that really makes an impact. 

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